Very exciting with Episode One having aired on YouTube on the 1st May 2024. Production is now complete on Episode 2. We have started filming Episode 3, which might contain so much "stuff" that we have to split the episode into 2 parts! We will keep you posted.

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In "The Press"

Click here to listen to a Spotify podcast called "Moving Tracks"

featuring our presenter, Stephen Cranford, talking about Tracing the Rails, at 31 minutes in.

See us in the "All About Horsham" Magazine

featuring insterviews with the whole crew and a good behind the scenes look at the series.

Click here to see us in the recent "Sussex Living" Magazine

a fab article packed with pictures. The editors of the magazine did us proud and we thank them.

@mariamartin4256Wonderful to watch and stepping back in time. Very well presented. Looking forward to future episodes

@johnrayfield11Terrific start, can't wait for next episode

@kevinwalker7702Very well produced to a professional standard...looking forward to more in the series. Glad to see you have not fallen for intrusive background "music" and effects so often spoiling TV and video productions these days. Voiceover and speed of delivery just right. Deserves a wider audience .Excellent !

@dawdawesGood luck with the new series, enjoyed the pilot episode, really well produced . Looking forward to more, all the best from an ex Staines driver!

@stephenmcgeownWhat a fantastic production, from the filming, narration and information you conveyed. Very professional indeed and I look forward to more episodes!

@jimbobmchooeyAn interesting short documentary. Presenter has a lovely manner.

Stephen at Station Road
Stephen at Station Road
Stephen Modelling
Stephen Modelling