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Stephen Cranford

Series Presenter

Mike Jaimes

Co Presenter

Chris Kirk


Lou Partridge - Producer
Lou Partridge - Producer
Lou Partridge


Catherine Pope

Production Assistant


As a dynamic production team, Chris Kirk and Stephen Cranford, lifelong friends with unique but relevant experience and skills, bring together a fine blend of expertise and passion to the world of documentary filmmaking. Chris, with his background as an editor and creative with a profound interest in local history and environmental conservation, brings organisational skills and a keen eye for detail to the project. Stephen Cranford, known for his engaging presence on BBC Radio Sussex and various television projects, adds a layer of charisma and a wealth of broadcasting experience.

Together, they form a synergistic duo, combining Chris's meticulous planning and research capabilities with Stephen's storytelling prowess and on-screen appeal. In fact they met while working for a model railway shop called "the Engine Shed", part of Gaugemaster Controls.

Joining them are Mike Jaimes as co-presenter and Lou Partridge as Producer. Mike a person with years of real experience in transport history with specialist knowledge of trams and buses in particular, combined with his talents on stage, and in narrating. Lou Partridge a project manager, artist, and photographer with a real passion for the countryside and Sussex local history, whose Dad also happened to be a railwayman.

Our approach to production is marked by a careful balance of educational content, visual storytelling, and community engagement, ensuring that each episode of 'Tracing the Rails' resonates with a wide audience rather than relating only to rail enthusiasts. The production firmly aims to show what still remains, how you can find it and what it means.

Chris Kirk and Stephen Cranford discussing a shot
Chris Kirk and Stephen Cranford discussing a shot