Welcome to our

Welcome to "Sidings," the special additional webisode series from the "Tracing the Rails" team, especially for our web visitors and subscribers!

What's "Sidings"? "Sidings" is our way of saying a massive 'thank you' to our dedicated subscribers and railway enthusiasts! These short, exclusive clips are our hidden gems - fun, intriguing snippets that give you more of the stories, characters, and fascinating details from the world of the lost Steyning railway. They are either too unique to be left unseen, behind the scenes or are just perfect little treats that didn’t quite fit into our main series.

Behind the Scenes: "Sidings" may occasionally offer you a behind-the-scenes look into the making of "Tracing the Rails." From delightful anecdotes to fascinating historical insights, these webisodes will complement our main series and we hop will enrich your experience as a viewer.

A Special Thanks: We created "Sidings" to share more with our community and to celebrate the enthusiasm and support you've shown us. It's a small token of our appreciation for your engagement and passion for railway history and for our project. We know it will take a while to release each main episode, so we wanted to keep you entertained while you wait.